Thursday, November 13, 2014

Berry Shades

Hey everyone,

Since winter is just around the corner and it's a season of almost all things 'Berry' toned, I wanted to share with you two of my most loved Berry Shade products.

1. Rimmel London Professional Finish Nail Polish in 391 Celebrity Bash
       I have been a huge lover of Rimmel products since the day I discovered them. I have tried their mascaras, lipsticks, the infamous stay matte pressed powder and I own about half a dozen of it's lipsticks. For quite sometime I have noticed that I come back to this shade of nail polish every other week just because I think it makes my hands look more polished then they actually are! It stays on for a good 4-5 days and honestly that's what I need in a good nail polish. The reason being I generally take mine off about on the 5th day as I don't like to keep them on for more than that. I got it from London because I have no clue as to where can I get them in Indian from.

2. Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick in 107
         This is by far my most worn and my most favourite lipstick ever with this being my 3rd one. The formula is just so spot on, it doesn't dry out my lips or smudge and it lasts quite long. It's a perfect lipstick for me as It just looks so good on Olive toned skin too! I have been wearing this to all the night outs and dinners that I have been too in the past two weeks and to say that the winter is just beginning! And this is how it looks on me.

Let me know what your favourite make up item for the winter is in the comments below. Also comment below if you know where can I get Rimmel in India from.

Until next time.
Sharmi Shah

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  1. This colour is perfect for winter and fall. Especially lipstick looks so nice on you. Great post.


  2. what a great color

  3. I just literally did my nail with this exact product last night hehe. I love your hair by the way, mine is meant to look like yours but it is literally a mess the hairdresser has just done it wrong or something. xox

  4. Hey friend i think berry color is easy to wear so it is a good fit and totally deserved to wear on. I love this post. I am Royal from


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