Monday, January 19, 2015

My Top 5 (+1) Lipsticks

I am an all naturals girl when it comes to makeup, but I absolutely love playing up with my lip colours. And that is why most loved collection in my makeup would be my collection of all the lipsticks I own (I own way too many). I just love them! Today I am sharing with you My Top 5 Lipsticks, plus an extra one which I couldn't have left out.

Rimmel Kate Moss in 107: This is by far my most favourite shade of lipstick ever. It is a dark red-burgundy colour which is quite honestly perfect for any time of the year (atleast for me!).  The formula is matte but it doesn't dry out my lips at all. It stays on for a good amount of time as well. All in all it's my top most lipstick so far.

Rimmel Kate Moss in 19: This as you can see is my most worn lipstick ever. The shade is kind of Pinky Nude perfect for everyday wear. To best describe the shade I would say this is the perfect shade to imitate a Kylie Jenner lip. Again as all Rimmel lipsticks, this too has a perfect formula and stays on nicely.

Joan Collins in Fontaine: I was given this one as a gift from an Aunt. I never really had heard of this brand before, but as you can see it has ended up right in my Top Lipsticks list. This has been my go to Pink shade for about a while now. The formula is somewhere between matte and glossy. A kind is like to wear during occasions.

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick in 101 Rose Melody: This is one of the most recent buys in my lipstick collection. This is a lip lacquer sort of a product which is a gloss but gives the effect of a lipstick. It is the perfect nude for me and this would always be my favourite nude shade.To read more of my thoughts on this one read this post here.

Clinique High Impact Lipstick in 12 Red-Y to Wear: This is the only high end lipstick I own, though I want to buy a M.A.C one once I am done with my Rimmel Kate Moss in 19. The shade for this lipstick is slightly on the redder side than the Rimmel Kate Moss in 107. That is the reason I love it so much. It is of matte consistency and stays well on my lips.

L'Oreal Paris Natural in 257 Sunset Blush: This is also something that I tend to wear on an everyday basis. This shade is also nude-ish but more on the pink side. I actually bought this on sale while in Australia from Target. The formula again is in between matte and glossy.

So this is it for this post.

Please share your recommendations below and also about your most loved/ your top lipsticks.

Until next time.
Sharmi Shah



  1. Those are some super vibrant lipsticks! Lovely. Rimmel does such a great job, love 107 and 111 from the Kate Moss line. xx

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

    1. I love them so much! I would own each one of them if it was possible :)


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