Friday, April 24, 2015


In the previous post I told you guys about my everyday morning skincare routine (summer edition). Let's talk about my shower routine. When it comes to shower gels/creams I love fruity and flowery scents as opposed to a creamy textured soapy smelling shower cream. Also, I use a scrub every 3 days just to get rid of all the dead skin and tan and for shaving/waxing I prefer shaving in the summer and waxing in the winter. Getting into the routine:

1. For a shower gel/shower cream I prefer The Body Shop. They have so many varieties and especially their gels are my favourite this season. Right now I am using the shower gel from the Argan Oil range. It just smells so freaking good.

2. After shower I use the body butter by The Body Shop in Honey Mania. See, a body moisturizer is a staple in my routine. I would never ever skip it. I think it is more essential to moisturize your body as it gets exposed to the sun the most.

3. For shaving I use the regular Gillette Razor. I think this is the one time use one.

4. Rather than using a shaving cream, I think a conditioner gives the closest shave. I use the Acia Berry and Avocado conditioner by Organix. There's nothing special about it. It just works well for shaving.

As you must have noticed my shower routine is very simple and basic. What is the one product that you love in your routine? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,
Sharmi Shah


  1. The body shop products are great!! Thanks for a lovely post.. I am a new follower ☺


  2. I love The Body Shop Body Butters as well :) They are so nourishing, and the have an amazing selection of scents

    1. YES! I like to believe that they are an absolute miracle! They just work so well! Since the day I started using them, I haven't used anything else! :)


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