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Whenever you feel a bit down, I would recommend you to o through Pearl's Instagram account. She is a selfie addict, loves to travel and loves dressing up. Also, I think she is obsessed with sunglasses and her skirts! (Makes me wonder how many sunglasses does she own?) She also has such a happy go lucky personality which you'll know once you read the interview.

    1.  What inspired you to start your own blog?
That’s one really long story. I myself didn’t even know the term bloggers one year back.  Being a law graduate and switching my fields from law to HR to PR I finally found my passion to write and love for fashion and in came the blogging thought.

   2.    So do you have those moments when you feel a bit uninspired and demotivated? How do you deal with those situations?
Oh! Trust me, I have tons of them. Every day is a new struggle being still a beginner in the industry. I sulk like all normal people do, remove my frustration on the first person I see and finally shake it off and try to work harder.

   3.  Which trends do you think are huge this summer?
Lace and sheer! I myself love everything that’s lace throughout the year and this trend is finally big now for summers, I am loving it all the more. So go stack up as much as lace and sheer as you want without thinking twice.

    4.    While on the topic about trends, is there any trend you feel like “why does this trend even exist?”
Hmm as of now I am loving practically all the trends for spring summer 2015 right from the sheer, sailor stripes, wide leg pants to the pastel loving. Thank fully there is no trend this season which is too OTT, in fact most of them are fun and classy.

    5.    What are your everyday beauty essentials for this summer?
Sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen! Keep your normal beauty care as it is, just add sunblock’s to the top of that list.

    6.    If you were only allowed to wear on brand of makeup for the rest of your life, which one would you pick and why?
I have always been a loyal Mac person. Even with the biggies like Bobbi brown and Chanel hitting the market, mac will always be my go to makeup. Everything about their collection is so fun, vibrant and youthful.

    7.      As a blogger, collaborating with others is an important part. What is the best thing about collaborations according to you?
The best part is you don’t just leave with collaborations, sometimes you leave with long lasting relationships and new friends. Isn’t that best part to have friends from all across the country!

   8.  One quote that you live your life by?
Live and let live! Just as you don’t like people judging you and your life, it’s about time to practice the same on our ends too.

    9.    What is the most important thing you learned from blogging?
Don’t live to please everyone, cause out of a crowd of 100 you can have 10 haters or even 50 haters! Not everyone is going to love and appreciate you or your work, just go ahead continuing doing what you do cause you love what you do and inspire at least a few!

   10.  Any advice for anyone who wants to be a blogger?
Don’t expect a huge amount of followers from day one! Yes! There are bloggers who have instantly jumped to fame, you may or may not be that lucky so don’t be depressed. Just focus on your work, give it some time and everything will fall in place.

   11.  And lastly, what’s coming next on your blog that you’re really excited about?
Hahah. Even while I am replying to all this all that I am excited is about my vacation! No more blog planning till I get back! Its time I give myself and this blog a small break!

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