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I first came across Faith's page while going through my Instagram suggestions. I was so struck by her account which then led me to her wonderful blog: That's Just Fabulous. Her pictures, the products she tries, her outfit posts, just everything was so nice and it still is. Also, she just completed two years of blogging! Congrats Faith :) So, if you're not one of her 10k+ followers then let me tell you, you're missing out. In this interview she talks to me about her inspiration behind her blog, her photography tricks and what she's currently loving.

What got you interested in the whole blogging scene? 
All through college I followed bloggers like Cupcakes & Cashmere and Love Taza and always loved the whole idea of it all. At that point though I didn’t think it was anything I could do myself. After graduation and moving into the city, I had a lot of friends who began to encourage me to start a blog. They loved the photos I posted just to my personal Facebook, Instagram, etc and I had a really nice camera that was just sitting around not getting much use. Two summers ago I picked up my camera and began creating posts and it has evolved from there.

You have been blogging for almost two years now, did it change anything in you? 
Absolutely - it created an entirely new passion for me, and I’ve made some of my best friends through my blog. I’m also someone who does better when I’m super busy (I’m either 200mph or 2mph I always say). So having a blog along with my full time career keeps me busy and productive. It also helps me appreciate the down time even more.

As we can all agree, you are quite a photographer and I swear your pictures are goals! Would you like to share your secret trick with us? :)
Thank you so much, I’ve actually never taken a photograph class/lesson so that’s such a sweet compliment! It’s taken me two years to hit a point where I’m really pleased with them. Natural light is by far the most important aspect to my photos. I’m really picky about when I shoot and how the lighting looks. I also spend a lot of time making sure each product/item is in sharp focus. I’ll take dozens of photos of the same shot just to make sure I get one super clear image. I shoot in manual as well so I can control the lighting. 
Also, don’t be afraid to play with layout mid shooting. Often I’ll come up with an idea in my head, lay it all out, like how it looks, and then it photographs terribly. At that point I’ll just began grabbing items, rearranging, and reshooting. Sometimes looking at a layout through the lens can help you to see it a whole new way.

Your essentials this summer?
A light base - right now I’m completely obsessed with Chanel’s CC Cream (it also has a crazy high SPF of 50), a great waterproof mascara (I often ditch my liquid liner when the temperatures spike, so full on lashes that don’t smudge are a must), St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse, and a good sea salt spray!

I think YouTube is the thing people hop onto after blogging. Have you ever been tempted to start a YouTube channel? 
I have, very much so. I’ve tested video a bit here and there but am not thrilled with the results using my current lens. I think once I decide to upgrade my lens it’ll be a bit easier to transition to video and be happy with it all. (Also, I hate hearing myself talk back in recordings. So cringe worthy! So I’ll have to get over that as well!)

What are your Top 5 blogs that you turn for inspiration on those demotivated days?
 I actually turn to YouTube quite often when I’m feeling a bit of a blogging block. I find that since it’s a bit of a different medium but still very much the same, it’s easier to gather inspiration and not end up copying someone. My favorites are Hello October, Hey Claire, and Tanya Burr. Latasha from Today I Adore has stunning photography though - I always find such inspiration in her photos!

If you were asked to chose only one brand for your makeup, which one would you pick?
Possibly the hardest question ever! I feel like due to the overwhelming amount of it in my makeup stash I’d have to go with NARS, they just do so many products right. But…I also have a serious sweet spot for Tom Ford and have never disliked a product he makes.

How would you describe your style in 3 words?
Minimal, neutral, oversized LOL

Sleek, neutral, dewy 

And finally, any advice that you would like to give to anyone who wants to start a blog?
Don’t be discouraged by numbers! Create a blog, content, and posts for yourself - not for others. It never matters to me if one person or one hundred people are reading my posts as long as I love what I have created. Post as regularly as you can, but always remember quality over quantity. It’s better to not post for a day and spend a bit more time getting the post right than throwing up a post you’re only half pleased with. If you love and are passionate about what you are putting out there, other people will love it too and you’ll grow an organic and interactive audience.

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