Monday, July 6, 2015


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As a beauty blogger it is a constant struggle to come up with new posts every other day. Also it is not very budget friendly if you're a student and only working part time. Over the span of a year into beauty blogging I have learned a thing or two about being a beauty lover on a budget. 

1. FINISH THE PRODUCTS: I know it is really hard to finish products when you're constantly trying new things. But to me when I finish a product it gives me a sense of accomplishment and completely using a product prolongs your next purchase. So whenever you are out there to buy a new product look into your stack if you have a similar product and then use it up first before buying a new one.

2. LOOK OUT FOR SALES/DISCOUNTS: Whether you're shopping online or you prefer going to the store to buy make up, it's best to see if there are any sales going on. You can keep your list ready for those sales days and what better way to shop then to pay only about half of the original price of the item. I think this is the most cost effective way to shop for beauty products. This is what I almost always do unless of course if it's an emergency.

3. DON'T GIVE IN TO THE HYPE: There are a lot of products that are hyped about all through the year. The key to save money is not to give into the hype and to know if you really need that product. I know blogging can be a bit pressurizing sometimes but it's all about being true to yourself and not doing what everybody else is doing because where's the fun in that!?

4. PLAN BEFOREHAND: You can also save money if you plan beforehand what's on your wishlist and then you know what you need to buy so you don't end up shopping in bulk for the items you don't actually need. This one comes from my personal experience but I learned it in time!

These were some of the things that I learned in the past year which helped me to stay sane while beauty blogging. Do you have any tips to share on the same? Share them in the comments down below or you can mail me on 

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Sharmi Shah


  1. I deffo need to learn how to! I am becoming a student in September and this will be my struggle ahah! Great post x
    Claire |

    1. Thank you! :)
      I wish I had these tips before I got into blogging! Would have saved a bit! HaHaHa! :)


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