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Something that attracts me to a blog is it's simplicity. I love blogs that promote practical fashion. One such blog is Styllogue by Nikita Pathare. She is also an engineer and loves mixing high end and low end brands together. Nikita also blogs about her favourite beauty products and some cool DIYs as well. Read on to find out about her inspiration behind her blog, her ideal outfit for a rainy day and to know a bit more about her.

What inspired you to start ‘STYLLOGUE’?
 After completing my engineering and working in the same field I was looking for a creative outlet.I used to make fashion outfit sets like a hobby. After sometime, I realized the content and outfit ideas were worth sharing and that is how I ended up starting Styllogue.

Do you ever get those days where you feel de-motivated? How do you deal with those days?
Yes like everyone else even I have my highs and lows. There are days when I reach a block and can't think of any new content, doubt if I am on the right path. That’s when I take some time to review my goals. Read a book, take some time off.

What would your ideal outfit on those gloomy rainy days be?
Anything light and colorful, a playful maxi/midi skirt or light fabric pants would be my best bet.

3 beauty items that we would always find in your bag?
There are always more than 3 beauty products in my bag. Three main things would be a red/nude lipstick, blotting powder, sunscreen.

If you were allowed to wear clothes from only one brand, which one would you pick and why?
I always choose clothes which I am comfortable in, that suit my personality and compliment my body type. To choose a single brand would be extremely difficult for a fashion blogger but I'll surely list a few of my favoured brands Zara, Topshop, Forever 21 and designers tags would be Masaba, Anita Dongre.

What’s your secret to a flawless natural makeup look?
There is not secret actually one just needs to pick the right products. For a natural look use a tinted BB cream or light coverage foundation whichcorrectly matches your skintone. Before that moisturize your skin, use a concealer for under eye cover, and some loose powder to set everything and you are good to go.

Any advice you would like to share with the aspiring bloggers?
Stay true to yourself, create an identity of your own.I know its difficult not to be influenced by others around you, be inspired but don't imitate. Above all value your work only then others will value it.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
5 years down the road I do have a few plans and goals set up on the personal front. Blogging is something which looks lucrative from the outside but there is a lot of struggle, hard work and persistence involved. As of now I am juggling between two different careers so choosing between one of them and setting up something is yet under the cover.

What’s been your best blogging memory till date?
There have been several incidents which have made me feel more than fortunate. Nothing can be better than when your work is duly appreciated and the amount of support I get from my readers and followers.

3 things that nobody really knows about you?
1. I am an extremely private person.
2. I was a typical nerd in school.
3. I can be extremely blunt at times.

What can we expect next on your blog?
No one thing is assured but you will surely see some fresh and unique styling.

You can read Nikita's blog here:

To see more of her:
Instagram: @nikitapathare
Twitter: @nikitapathare
Facebook: Styllogue
Pinterest: Styllogue

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