Saturday, September 19, 2015


For a beauty blogger, I am quite picky about the products that I use. I won't just buy every new release just for the sake having new content on the blog. Most of the time I stick to what I love and I think is going to work probably a 100%. But, I have been feeling a bit experimental. And so I have decided to keep trying new things, but not to buy absolutely everything that's releasing. I have always found setting powders quite fascinating. I feel like they are crucial when it comes to completing your makeup. They help you keep everything in place throughout the day. So when L'oreal decided to release a new one in the market, I had to buy it (also because it looks so pretty).I have got the shade G1 Vanilla Ivory. It comes in a decent sized compact packaging with the mirror on the other side of the powder. It also comes with an application sponge. It also contains SPF 34 PA +++ which is absolutely ideal for Indian weather. When I tried applying with a brush, I got way too much product on and it looked cakey (which is my absolute nightmare). So the next day I decided to use it with the sponge that it comes with, and oh my god! how good did it make me look! You will have to touch up your makeup in about every 3-4 hours but I think that's okay. Overall for me it gives a good enough quality and quantity for Rs. 399.

Have you tried it yet? Or do you have another one that you absolutely love?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Until next time.
Sharmi Shah

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