Wednesday, September 16, 2015


If you are following me on Snap Chat (id: stayinoui) then you would know that I have taken up yoga as my daily workout. I tried going to the gym for about 15 days but to be honest gym is not for me. I think it's really boring and I feel really stressed out after gym for some reason. I used to do yoga a couple of years ago and I find it the best way to get a quick workout in the morning. There's a post coming super soon as to whom do I follow for my everyday Yoga.

I didn't get a yoga mat for the initial days of the month. But as soon as the poses started getting challenging, that's when I decided to go and buy one. I looked at a couple of places, but finally found one on Flipkart. I think I got it for around 650 Rs. which I think is pretty reasonable. It is the 12 mm one, and it provides excellent grip.

So far I am loving yoga and shall be back with a review on it at the end of the month.

Until next time.
Sharmi Shah

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