Monday, November 30, 2015


I cannot believe yet another month has passed by! By the time you'll be reading this, I'll be celebrating my little brother's birthday who just turns 16! I feel so old though, hahah. So today I'm here to tell you guys about how exciting November has been.

1. To start with I finally got a hang of healthy eating. Though I do have a sneaky nutella milkshake or maybe a cookie some days, but mostly I have been really good. I want to make healthy eating a lifestyle. I have just taken a first step but something is better than nothing right?

2. Remember how I had my exams about a month ago? Yeah, I got my results for them and guess who got a first class? Yup me! (Saying this in the most Monica tone possible!) I was so glad that I got the results as per my hard work and now hopefully I'll work harder to get a distinction next time.

3. I finally took my first step towards my future. I cannot disclose anything more than this and I promise I'll reveal more in the upcoming months. But I am super proud for taking the first step just because I was so scared about it and I was second guessing it. I thought doing it would relieve me a but now I am more nervous than ever. I would take that as a good thing.

4. A little update about me leaving out conditioners - It is going great! My hair has never felt so good in such a long time. If you have really fine hair or you have really long hair you should most probably skip conditoner as to be honest you don't really need it.

5. Also, I would be a graduate 4 months from now! How awesome is it going to be entering into a world full of bills and responsibilities! (not as happy about that though!)

For December my only goal is to learn how to cook healthy. So expect a lot more recipes in the new year!

Until next time,
Sharmi Shah



  1. That's great you're eating healthy, I need to get more disciplined and do the same lol! Congratulations on becoming a graduate soon also, I hope everything works out amazing.:D

    - - Fashion Haul

    1. It's going to be a lot harder if you love food as much as I do! :D


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