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Hola to all the folks here that stay incredible with our INOUI babe, Sharmi.

Sameera here from DYNAMIQUE BLOG and I am so excited to bring you my daily make up routine.

I have wanted to do a face of the day post ever since we launched our blog but it has never quite fit in.

So lets get started, I hope you like it.

My go to makeup routine takes literally five minutes and it works on emphasizing my features rather than cover them.

My known beauty trend is my contour which I will share below. It is so easy and the perfect couple of steps if you are in a rush and wanted a slay cheekbone.

These are all the makeup bits that I used for this routine.

I usually experiment with different products but usually it is similar to these.

 Starting from the top left;
Rimmel London STAY MATTE in 005 SILKY BEIGE
Maybelline New York Lash Sensational
Essence XXXL Nude Lip Gloss
Essence clear brow gel
Rimmel London MATCH PERFECTION concealer in 060 NATURAL BEIGE
Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in 212 Rich Brown
Maybelline New York BROW Satin Medium Brown
HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting Palette
LOREAL PARIS Skin Perfection
Aesop PARSLEY SEED Anti-oxidant serum

The brushes are just some that I have collected over the years and I am comfortable using for my face shape.

There is just a fluffy blush brush
A buffing brush
A smaller sized blush brush
A spooley

STEP 1: Skin Prep
 I have been using the Aesop Serum sample under my moisturiser since the the 2015 end of Australian winter. I use it to balance out my skin as the Australian climate can be harsh. I use three small dots of the Skin Perfection over the serum and make sure I pat in the formula. I leave this to set for a minute. This is the most crucial step to my makeup. It is a make sure step that ensures my skin looks on point and my makeup looks flawless.

STEP 2: Conceal
I have natural dark circles and when I was younger I literally had white undereyes because I tried to cover them. Then I visited a Mecca Maxima make up counter to get a colour match and they showed me how to work with my dark circles. What I do now is literally dot 4 dots under my dark circles with the MATCH PERFECTION. I then take a dot of my NARS tinted moisturiser and blend the concealer. I never hide my dark circles but use this step to enhance the top of my cheekbones. I use my dark circles as a natural smokey eye. I use the STAY MATTE to set this.

STEP 3: Brows
 I used the new Maybelline Product to do this step. I really like this product. It is cheap and convenient and does the job well.

STEP 4: It is CONTOUR + highlight time
Contour is my favourite thing ever. If I had to have just two products in my collection it would be a grey toned bronzer and a brow product. I love contouring and highlighting. It just shapes my face and as I have gotten better at it, it has become a statement look for me. Cream contour takes incredible time and needs time to perfect so this is an easy go to.

I start with a grey toned bronzer. Here I used the TopShop one. I swirl the small blush brush in the product and apply it under my cheek bones right at the start of my cheekbones towards my ear. This is your contour base.

 I then take this same colour on my forehead and under my neck. So with this contour colour you are trying to make shape and define your features. I then continue with the Sportsgirl marble bronzer and I use this almost as a blush. I use the fluffy blush brush and I take it from the apples of my cheeks back towards my ear. The key to this bronzer is you want to make sure that the colour is vibrant, dewy and luxurious unlike the grey base. The grey which defines and the marble gives you the glow and enhances the contour. I then take the middle highlight from the Hourglass palette with the same fluffy brush and take that on the top of my cheekbones and and under my brow bone.

STEP 5: Finishing the eyes
The makeup is almost done. I just put mascara on when I feel like it and then for this makeup look I took the Rimmel London eye definer underneath my eyes just for a little play.

 I then popped on a little lip gloss and I was ready to go.

5 steps in 5 minutes that give a killer cheek bone and doesn’t make you feel so caked up and gets you going for the day.

I would love to see your take on this makeup look so if you do attempt make sure to share and tag me on Instagram @dynamiqueblog or Twitter @DYNAMIQUEblog

I really hope all you lovelies like this.

Thank you for having me here again and reading.



  1. Love the look ♥

  2. This is a gorgeous look! I recently purchased Maybellines' Lash Sensational mascara, and it looks great on you. So I'm really excited to try it out now.

    - GIVEAWAY! -
    - - My Autumn Matte Make-up Look

  3. Love this look. It really suites you! Definitely gonna give it a go.
    Rita x

    1. Thank you! Share a picture of you with the look to us! :D

  4. Loving this look ! you look pretty :)


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