Friday, November 6, 2015


Since I have been on a journey to get fit, I learned that it's not enough to just workout everyday. The workout would mean nothing if I am constantly stressed or I am always in a negative state of mind. To be healthy with my mind and body is something that I want to incorporate into my lifestyle before I move in to the real world in April next year. I feel like although I am not too regular with it yet, I am being as constant as I can. I think waking up everyday with a positive mindset is the best way to start your day. I like to keep a journal where I write about my positives for the day. When you're only looking for the positive moments, you don't even realize that you had any negative ones. Working out is another important aspect to lead a healthy life. It doesn't have to be a hardcore gym workout. It can be yoga, dancing, pilates, jogging or even just a walk in the park. You just have to keep moving in that hour that's it! Eating healthy and staying hydrated are the best things you can ever do to your body. Outer appearance is nothing without inner health. If you're sick all the time, it would definitely show up on your face which is not so great if you're a working individual. As the saying goes, you are what you eat. Eating healthy does not mean to completely throw out your favourite foods, but just cutting back and adding fresh fruits and veggies to your daily meal plan. Most importantly, doing what you love is an essential element to live a healthy and content life. If you're not happy with what you're doing then talk to someone who can help you figure your problems out. This does not mean giving up an entire university degree just because one topic is so hard to understand. Learn to work your way around difficult situations. And last but not the least, sleep well. For anyone who's above 16, 7-9 hours of sleep is a must. Your body with your mind, needs rest too.

I hope this little post proves to be helpful to you guys in some way.
What is your favourite kind of workout?
Let me know your answers in the comments box below.

Until next time,
Sharmi Shah


  1. This is such a positive post, I loved it! I completely agree that being healthy is a lot deeper than just working out. It's definitely about a positive mind as well as diet. Really inspiring post hun, it's definitely a great way to think.:)

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