Sunday, November 1, 2015


October has been a month where I just reached for my old favourites. Also, I didn't change around my makeup or skincare a lot this month so I only have a few favourites to share with you guys.

1. Simple Skincare Toner: This stuff is a life saver. I have been in love with this since three years now and I am so bummed India doesn't stock it for the original prices. I just did a full review on this one which you can read here.

2. L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil: As I mentioned in the last post here, I made a major change in my hair care routine. I am going to stop using conditioner after I shampoo and instead use hair serums or something like this L'oreal Oil. Since making the change I have seen a lot more volume in my hair and a lot of texture. I am almost on the verge of finishing this one though. So feel free to suggest some amazing oils in the comments below.

3. Bio Oil: What's not to love here. I initially bought this because I noticed some stretch marks around my thighs when I got back into fitness. I've heard that massaging the area with bio oils helps erasing them. Now because I am still losing weight I think all I have noticed are minor changes, but then I read that it is also great to even out your skin tone. And since then I have been using it on my face, all the discolouration has disappeared. This stuff is a miracle I tell you.

4. Revlon Photo Ready Blush in Coral Reef 300: I have a feeling that I have mentioned this one before in a favourites but I have been using this one everyday this month. It gives me the most natural blushed look and I like how build-able it is. I think this has to be my favourite blush that I own.

5. Lily Pebbles: I never thought I would have a favourite human being on a favourites ever, but here it is. I have been obsessed with her blog and her channel during the whole of October. Would you believe if I say that I finished watching her Vlogmas from last year in a span of two days. Maybe I would start my very own YouTube channel one day!

What's your most favourite thing this month?
Share your answers with me in the comments below.

Until next time,
Sharmi Shah 


  1. The bio oil sounds amazing and it is just the thing the I need! Thanks for the recommendation :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

    1. It is indeed amazing! :)
      Do let me know how you went with it! :)


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