Sunday, January 17, 2016


We are already half-way through January and that is the biggest indication that this year is going to go as quick as 2015 went. When it comes to any personal achievements, 2015 was a bit of a dud! I couldn't do what I really wanted to do and by the time I realized that, 2015 was gone! So for this year I have decided to pick 5 things that I want to do in this year. This post was inspired by Sherry Shroff's "5 Things I Want To Do This Year Tag" which you can watch here.

1. 100,000 VIEWS ON THE BLOG: This is what I wanted to achieve in 2015 but you know better late than never! My blog will definitely be my biggest priority this year seconded by my YouTube channel. People say that one should never think about numbers while writing a blog, but let's be real, that's what gives us a sense of achievement right?

2. 1000 SUBSCRIBERS ON YOUTUBE: If you are not aware yet then I started my YouTube channel back in December 2015. And I would really like to have around 1000 Subscribers on my channel.I'm obviously going to work super hard for it and so let's hope I get there!

3. SPEND NEW YEAR'S: I have never spent New Year's Eve partying away with friends till today. And I would really like to change that this year, just because the idea of spending it away on a beach or on a party somewhere is so exciting and memorable!

4. BUY SOMETHING FOR MYSELF: I am a person who buys something whenever I achieve a goal. So as I said last year was a bust, this year I've decided to gift myself something a bit expensive, maybe a better camera, or an Iphone! Haven't decided yet, but if I do cross 100,000 views on my blog this year, I'd definitely buy one thing that will be very useful to me.

5. GET A TATTOO: I've wanted to get another tattoo since forever, but this year I have made up my mind to get one no matter what! I'd reveal it to you guys once I get it.

So that's it for this post. :D

Please let me know in the comments below as to what are your 5 things you'd like to do this year.

You can what my 2016 Resolutions video here.

Until next time,
Sharmi Shah


  1. These are such great things to want to achieve this year! I have been the same and set myself some numbers that I would like to hit with my blog and YouTube channel this year. I love working towards goals, it definitely motivates me a lot more.:D

    - - Beauty, Skin and Hair Care Haul

    1. I know right! All the very best for your goals this year babe! :D


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