Monday, January 11, 2016


This post is pretty self explanatory from the title itself! A thing that I have never ever disclosed to anyone before is that I wanted to start a YouTube channel initially before I even considered the idea of starting my very own blog. But I could never get myself to even film a decent video let alone upload one. So as many out there did, I too decided to start a blog first and see if this job is really for me. Little did I know, this would turn out to be the best thing that I did in my life. It became more of a hobby than a job and I started enjoying it much more. Now that I know this is where I want my career to be, I thought that it was time to start my very own YouTube channel. I posted my first video very nervously on the 6th December, 2015. But was so overwhelmed by the response it got! So then I continued to film and post and now I've got 5 videos on my channel already! How crazy does that even sound! I hope that I can maintain all my social media accounts as well as my blog and my YouTube channel side by side. I am going to give my 100% as soon as I graduate in March. But for now I'm loving how busy all this makes me.

So for now I'm leaving the links to all my 5 videos along with their titles below. Do check it out!

The Body Shop Haul:

TMI Tag:


My Top 3 Moments from 2015:

2016 New Year's Resolutions:

That's it for this post!

Please leave a link to your YouTube channels if you have one below in the comments section! :)

Until next time,
Sharmi Shah

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