Saturday, March 12, 2016


Alright y’all. We are still pretty close to the beginning of the New Year, but just far enough in to start losing the motivation to keep those big goals we set on the 1st of January. Well, here is a little suggestion on how to stay motivated throughout the year.

1. First off, you have to want it! If you are really not sure you can get what you want, or that you are even capable of achieving your goal, you need to change something. Either your goal is way crazy, or you are not allowing yourself to believe in you. So, first decide and know that you want it, then go from there.

2. Second of all, don’t lose it! Don’t you lose that motivation. I have found that the best kind of motivation is self-motivation. No one can motivate you unless you are already motivated to be motivated! (Yes, that sure is a lot of motivation.) You have to be the one that decides here and now that you will do whatever it takes, no matter WHAT to reach those goals of yours.

3. So, what are those goals? No one cares – not even you – if you only have the goals in your head. WRITE THEM DOWN! I don’t know about you, but I have heard this plenty of times in my life. But, you know what else? I put it to the test. I write down my goals, because then I show myself how serious I really am about them! And, guess what? I remember those goals and stick to the plan a whole lot better when I do. Here is a little example:
I saved a note in my phone regarding a few goals, and then I totally forgot I had even done so. Months later, I was looking through all my phone notes, and noticed that buried note of goals! Luckily, it actually was titled “Goals” so I was able to know what it consisted of. I got curious as to what those “goals” were, and opened it up. My goals were very specific: numbers; dates; names; the works. Well, to my surprise, and in the most pleasant way, I realized how much I had stuck to what I wrote down. It was amazing! I was so excited to see that the simple act of writing down some goals, I probably just thought up that day, stayed with me enough for me to work towards them subconsciously!

4. Next, keep your motivation up by attracting what you want into your life. Look things up that have to do with what you want: rent books; follow motivating people; check out videos on that same subject. You are a whole lot more likely to go where you want to go, and do what you want to do, if you are filling your head with stories, and facts, from people who already are where you want to be. In other words, reach up! It is a lot easier to climb your way up when you grab hold of a rope affixed above your head, right?

5. Start your days out right! I personally have a morning schedule I try hard to adhere to daily. You may not be religious, and I had my phase in life like that too, but things changed. Well, now that I trust in my Maker substantially more than myself, I dedicate each day to Him by praying and studying from my scriptures, and other good books, first thing. It works for me, because my priorities are spot on. If I put what is most important in my life on the back burner, my days are chaotic. Really. So, figure out what is number one in your life, and concentrate on that, first thing every day. When you do, you will be both amazed and blessed to see how much better your day flows!

6. Take time for yourself! You can’t accomplish what you want if you never take a break. That may sound counter productive, but it actually isn’t. There are so many forces out there willing to assist you, you just have to ask (I personally ask my God and angels). Then you leave yourself more time to allow higher energies to work in your favor, and take some of the stress away from you. Relax. You don’t get what you want when you are stressing over it all the time. That is counter productive.

7. Don’t get upset if things do not go “according to plan.” As stated in the previous suggestion, when you allow greater forces to work in your favor, then you allow wiser sources to do their job. Meaning, things will most likely travel different roads than you originally anticipated. That is a very good thing! Don’t be alarmed when it seems like you are getting farther from your goals. Trust me, it will all work out. Keep the faith, and let things flow.

8. Just as you should not fret if things don’t appear to be working in your favor, when they actually are, don’t fret about time. We oftentimes want things to magically happen in our own rushed timeline that we are too impatient to wait, and we give up. Once again, wiser forces know a heck of a lot more than you do, so just let them do their job and trust that everything will happen in the time frame it is supposed to.

9. Keep your eye on the ball! I like to write down everything I feel inspired to, in order to stay focused, and then stick it on the wall in the place I am at the most (computer desk, bedroom wall I face most often, etc.). It is a constant reminder, and helps me remember where I am headed. Sometimes those “signs” need to be updated, as things change. That is okay, and can even be great! Change them as necessary, but always in a way that allows constant movement forward – NOT backward.

10. Have faith!! Yes, I mentioned this already, but it cannot be said enough. No matter what is occurring, so long as you keep calling upon your greater forces (I personally like to pray and ask my God, and also charge my angels to assist me), it will all work out! Probably a whole lot better than you imagined it would too. Just…DON’T…lose it.
And most importantly, remember:

You’ve got this!!



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