Tuesday, March 22, 2016


As I turned 22 recently I thought it was time for me to share a little more about me with you guys. So let's get right into it.

1. I am from India and I live in Jamnagar which is a tiny but lovely town in the state of Gujarat.

2. I am really impatient. If that thing takes time, I'm simply not doing it.

3. I also get bored very easily. I think it is a real problem and I'm trying to change it.

4. I've had the weirdest accidents ever. Like this one time we went horseback riding and the horse fell on my leg and that's how I got a fracture. Like who does this ever happen to!

5. At one point in life I wanted to have a career in dance. I have been trained in Kathak for 4 years. I also love Contemporary and Salsa.

6. Taking career aspirations into consideration, I wanted to become an air hostess, a teacher, a fashion designer and an actor. I was a teenager then!

7. In 2011 I had green and blue highlights in my hair. Though they weren't very visible and washed out after about 5-6 washes.

8. I love to plan ahead. Like if I haven't written anything down for tomorrow, I'd procrastinate like crazy and end up wasting the whole day on irrelevant stuff.

9. Saying that I still don't know what I want to do say in the coming two years except like growing my blog 10000 times.

10. I'm the absolute worst when it comes to saving money and this is something I have been working on really hard too. God! There is so much I need to fix about me.

11. I have never had any favourites in my life. Like I love almost all colours, all kinds of food, etc. I think this is because I'm really indecisive or maybe I'm just an unbiased person after all! ;)

12. I am a vegetarian and always have been. Though I almost ate a pepperoni pizza thinking they were tomatoes on my very first night in Australia. There's no logic as to why I would think that but they just looked like tomatoes on the website!

13. I have traveled so much around the world thanks to my wonderful parents. But there is still so much more to see and I cannot wait to travel more. Someday I wish to settle down either in Mumbai, Dubai or in Australia.

14. I'm a complete book worm. I must have at least a 100 books in my collection right now. I have books that range from Nancy Drews to Lauren Conrad's Beauty Book.

15. I've got one tattoo and it says "It all happens for a reason". There are two more that I plan to get. Hopefully soon.

16. Orange Juice is my most favourite beverage to have. I can drink OJ with any food. Literally any. Oh and I'm a dessert person. If It was up to me I'd order desserts first and then start the meal.

17. I have a serious obsession with sunglasses! I have about 10 pairs and I just ordered two more!

18. I am a serious stationary hoarder. If I see anything cute at all, I have to buy it otherwise I'll keep thinking about it.

19. I love watching mystery and crime shows the most. Criminal Minds, CSI, Hawaii Five-O, etc. I just love how interesting and gripping they are.

20. FRIENDS is my all time favourite Tv series. But I have never been able to get myself to watch season 10 because I'm so afraid for it to finish and I know I'm going to cry so much.

21. I'm a very emotional person when it comes to my Dad. I generally don't cry but when I see my Dad being emotional or upset or anything within those terms, my waterworks just wouldn't stop.

22. I love going on long drives with music on full blast! I don't care if I'm alone or have got 10 other people with me. I just absolutely love going on long drives.

So these were 22 pretty random facts about me.

As I would love to know you guys a bit more please leave some facts about you in the comments below! :D

Until next time,
Sharmi Shah



  1. I can relate with #9, haha! And like you, I am OBSESSED with stationery. I have a lot and I don't even use all of them, but I still enjoy collecting more, haha!

    Elle |

    1. #twinning! Hahahah
      The amount of stationary I've gathered is unreal!


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