Wednesday, April 20, 2016



I am the least experimental when it comes to hair products. I like to stick to what works and as a result I rarely ever change my hair care routine. Since the last 6 months my hair care routine consists of only a shampoo followed by a serum. The serum I am using right now is the Dove Elixir Hair Fall Rescue. I bought it from It comes in a 90 ml glass bottle and it cost me Rs. 185 which is really reasonable because this is going to last me at least for a year. Coming to the packaging, I'm in love!This packaging is so gorgeous. It comes with dried roses inside the bottle which gives it a really exotic look. It smells so divine as well. The consistency of this is a little bit thinner than the regular hair serums in the market. I use a couple of pumps on towel dried hair and just run the product through them dividing it evenly. I don't have a hair fall problem so I can't report on that aspect but it works perfectly well as a regular hair serum for me. It consists Almond Oil with Rose Petals inside it. It makes my hair feel healthier.

Is it completely outstanding? No! There definitely are better ones out there but for the price, it doesn't get better than this.

What is the hair product you're loving currently? Leave your answers in the comments down below.

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Sharmi Shah

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