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I'm one such person for whom planning is everything. If I don't plan something the chances are that, the thing won't be done at all. I am also a stationary hoarder. If it is cute and I know I'll use it probably someday then that thing goes straight into my basket. I didn't use to own a planner before this. All I had was a to do list where I'd write my everyday stuff and cross them out once I was done. But then last year in December I thought it was high time to get a bit more organized and get myself a planner. Now this is not your ordinary planner. This planner doesn't have the monthly and weekly layouts. And personally I prefer it this way because then I don't end up wasting pages if I don't have something to do that day.

I bought this planner from the uber cool store
This place is seriously the best to buy stationary or cool home ware items.
So this planner has eight sections in all and is super affordable. As you can see from the photo below, I start the day by writing something that I'm thankful for in the "Thank you Universe For" section.

Then I move down and plan my Social Media list for the day. If I am posting a post that day or posting on Instagram about new deliveries whatever it is that I have to post across all my social media accounts.

Then I move to the right and schedule the day as to where I have to be or what I have to do in "Places to be".

Then I move down to the "To Do List" where I plan out my activities for the day.

Then I move to the left and write down the most important things I need to focus on that day in "Focus On". It may be studying or even a manicure. Different priorities for different days.

Then I move to the upper right corner and list down people whom I have to contact regarding various stuff in "Contacts"

Moving down in "Random Musings" I generally write down my workout for the day.

Then at last, when the day ends I (try) to make a nice little doodle about the day in the bottom left corner where it says "Doodle of the day". I think this is the cutest idea ever to describe your day.

I know for most of you the planner which has monthly and weekly pages might be a lot more easier but I don't think I'll get much use of such planners as I am just getting the hang of being organized. So far so good. I actually find myself finishing my work if I have it all written down in this planner. I think this planner actually makes me more productive.

What planners do you guys use? You can send me a picture or maybe just link it down below. Would love to see what other options are there.

Until next time,
Sharmi Shah



  1. We sound exactly the same, I love love love to make lists before doing anything- I need this planner :)

  2. Quite nicely embedded and well planned and designed. I guess this will give more options.


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