Thursday, September 20, 2018


A while ago I stumbled upon the hype over the movie 'I Feel Pretty' which stars Amy Schumer in the lead. I am all about chick flicks. I love a totally girls girls movie, but to be honest I wasn't a huge Amy Schumer fan for reasons unknown to me! Saying that, I did give into the hype and decided to Netflix the movie. I am so so glad I watched it. Really did not expect the sudden burst of confidence it injected into me. In true Hollywood fashion it does have a very over the top climax. If I were to ever take such a step in my career, there would probably be no company that would ever hire me again!

So why have I decided to dedicate a whole blog post to this movie? It's because this movie really hit home for me. *SPOILER ALERT* The basic theme for the movie revolves around this girl who dreams of working at the head office of the company she currently working at, but never has enough confidence to actually go and interview for the position. Then one day she meets with an accident and somehow gets the confidence of the world! (I know right!). Everything in her life just goes so right that it all has to go wrong one day, and it does. And then at the end we all learn that if we really do consider ourselves good enough then the world will too.

I agree. Some of the best decisions of my life have come from my belief in my own self. Whether it resulted into something or not, is secondary. Confidence is tricky. We have been told to 'fake it till you make it' when it comes to being confident. But I think it would drop you as quick as it took you high. How I feel it works is that to gain confidence in something you just have to keep doing it consistently. When you do it as often, you keep getting better at it and then one day you won't have to think twice to just go for it! If you love something enough, you will know what to do. You don't need someone else to push you towards it! So light a fire within your passion and just go for it! I promise one day you will get there!

Ending this article on a suggestion: Go watch 'I Feel Pretty'. I am sure you won't regret it!

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