Wednesday, January 9, 2019


If I could thank the universe for one major thing in 2018, it would be for all the travel opportunities that I got. I managed to cross two destinations off of my travel bucket list this year. One of them was Udaipur and the second one being Rannutsav.

For all who are not aware as to what exactly Rannutsav is, it is a vibrant festival in Kutch, Gujarat which runs from around November till February. It is a carnival of dance, music and food on the shimmering backdrop of White Rann (desert). We were there for about a day and a half after which we decided to take a detour and explore other parts of Kutch. 

I stay within the state of Gujarat from which Dhordo - where the White Rann is based at, is about a 7-8 hour long drive. We had booked an 8 seat car, which was totally perfect for us. You could find out the best way to get there from your city - maybe you could self drive too. The way you're going to reach your destination should always be selected upon your comfort preference. Also believe me when I say this, carry food with you! Especially if you have your younger cousins travelling with you. 

Our trip was pre-booked as we went in place of my uncle and aunt who had to cancel last minute. We stayed at the White Rann Resort, more of which I've documented in my video here. You get an option to stay in tents too. Here are a few places you can book your stay from:

We had the best time when it came to food during this trip. Our stay had the best buffet for the 3 meals that we had there. What I noticed is that within the scope of Rannutsav there are not enough independent restaurants. But when you branch out to the other sides of Kutchh, you'd be surprised at how many proper Indian restaurants you'll come across. Although I'd like to mention that what some of those places might lack in A grade ambiance, they more than make up for that with their food. 

Rannutsav itself has a lot of options where you can shop a lot of Indie items from. Saying that a lot of these places carry very similar stuff and are definitely open to bargaining. You can get very nice Indian outfits, Shoes, Bags, Home Decor Items, Bedsheets and much more. I shopped a lot to gift people from these shops. Price wise, everything I mentioned above is very very affordable. 

The best advice that I'd give you is, DO NOT miss either the sunset or the sunrise from the White Desert. It is an experience in itself. Next up, walk around all the booths in the Rannutsav, there's so much to know and so much to see. Also don't miss out on any folk programs that your Hotel or Stay have arranged for you. It is definitely a must have experience. Then if you're driving or have rented a car, maybe you want to explore the other parts of Kutchh. There are a lot of activities going around in the White Desert, so if you're adventurous enough to have a go at them, book them well in advance. If it is a huge group that you're going with, they have insane discounts for a group booking.

*If you are going around the beginning of the festival, do not forget to carry your sunscreen, it would be hot.
*If you are going in the beginning of the year, don't forget to carry your warmer clothes because it would be freezing.
*There are not many places where they'd be equipped with a credit/debit card machine so it's always safer to carry a bit of cash.
*Also don't forget to carry your shoes. You'd need them to walk around the White Desert, and if in case you forget it, bless you soles!

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