Ages ago  Facere (To do or create) marked itself gracefully in the latin dictionary, a few linguistic maturation later, Fashion cat-walked into the picture!

Since, my early years people’s fascination for innovation has always had me star eyed. Finding something new, something creative.

That is what makes fashion close to us. As a word. As a world. Visualise the first ravishing dress you laid eyes upon, the way it flowed, the way the colours enigmatically held a part of your heart with it. It still holds it, doesn’t it? I had a moment as such as well, when I was 10 years old. Seeing a beauty or a product and running to try it. Finding what’s new to think what can be new. So when I stumbled my way into the blogging, guess the very next logical step was revive the 10 year old and write my childhood fascinations for lifestyle out. My travelogues were just the icing on the cake.

Hence here, you are, sitting (lying maybe; who knows?) miles away, sharing one love. This is exactly why I write here on my blog and document my life on my YouTube. To share my passion for all things creative and let it flow through anyone who shares the same love as me. So, get your hat with the best feathers ready and let’s talk about beauty or maybe lifestyle or who knows even travelling or well… fashion! (not necessarily in that order though)


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